Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Beauty is in the eyes of ...

A couple weeks ago, I happened to see a TV news report about a popular Web site called BeautifulPeople. The reporter explained that it’s a site where beautiful men and women go to meet other beautiful men and women.

I watched in disbelief as the reporter explained that in order to become a member of the BeautifulPeople site, you must submit a photo of yourself for judging. Members of the opposite sex who already have been accepted into the BeautifulPeople family then vote on whether or not to accept you. The voting lasts for three days, at which point, applicants will receive either a “Congratulations! You are accepted!” e-mail or a “Sorry, you’re not attractive enough,” e-mail.

The voters, after studying an applicant’s photo and bio, check off one of the following: “Yes! Definitely!”, “Hmm, yes, OK”, “Hmm, not really” or “No! Not at all!” During the voting process, applicants can see a running total of their votes and how well (or lousy) they are doing.

The TV reporter, an attractive blonde, decided to submit her own photo to BeautifulPeople to see what would happen. She went to a photographer and had several professional shots taken, then carefully studied them until she selected what she felt was the perfect photo. She also thought long and hard about something clever and intriguing to write in her bio. Finally, she submitted everything to BeautifulPeople…and waited.

She frequently checked her status during the voting period and seemed less than pleased to discover that she’d amassed a stack of “No! Not at all!” votes and not even one “Yes, definitely!” And at the end of the three days, she received the dreaded “Sorry, you’re not attractive enough” letter.

Curiosity led me to check out the Web site. The home page stated that out of over 36,000 applicants, only 5,500 had been accepted.

“Boy, are they ever fussy!” I said to my husband. “Everyone on here must look like Tom Cruise or Julia Roberts!”

I checked out the members’ photos. I did see quite a few drop-dead gorgeous women and hunky guys. I also saw a lot of not-so-gorgeous, bikini-clad women who looked as if they’d been to a big sale at Silicone City…and a bunch of bare-chested, not-so-handsome guys whose bodies resembled Arnold Schwarzenegger’s.

I began to read some of the things the members had written about themselves. “There HAS to be more to life than being really, really good-looking,” one man wrote.

Another, a curvy young woman, said, “Unlike some of the people on here, who submitted photos that have been retouched or air-brushed, I am a hundred percent natural…except for my crummy breast implants.”

“This stuff would make a great column,” I said to my husband. “In fact, I think I’ll be brave like that TV reporter and submit one of my photos! It should be good for a laugh!”

“You’re too old,” he said, kind soul that he is.

“I wouldn’t submit a current photo, silly! I’d dig up one that was taken back when I was 25 or so. Maybe even one that shows some cleavage!”

“Yeah, at least back then, you still had cleavage.”

The man was no help at all.

Finding an old photo of myself that could pass for a modern-day one, however, was no easy task. In most of my old photos, my hair was teased so high, it looked as if birds were nesting in it. I finally settled on a serious-looking headshot.

I submitted the photo for judging and listed my age as 25 and my occupation as an aerobics instructor. I figured that seeing that none of my body was showing in the photo, I could get away with lying about the aerobics part.

I think I broke the site’s record for the fastest accumulation of “No! Not at all!” votes. One of the guys who voted against me wrote to tell me that my photo was so serious, it looked like a mug shot. Another wrote and asked me, “What’s it worth to you if I give you a ‘yes’ vote?” And then there was the 57-year-old yacht-owner (or so his profile said) who wanted my phone number. The man obviously was in desperate need of an optometrist.

All I can say is that if you feel even the slightest bit attractive before you submit a photo to BeautifulPeople, you will feel as if you should be wearing a bag over your head by the time the voting is over. I ended up receiving the “sorry” e-mail.

“Why don’t you try submitting one of MY photos from 30 years ago?” my husband said jokingly. “I’ll bet mine would get a lot more votes than yours did.”

I might take him up on that bet, just so I can make him eat his words…that is, if I can find a photo of him where he’s not wearing a polyester leisure suit.

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